alloporus environmental is all about explanation

specifically, the clear, concise use of scientific evidence to answer pressing natural resource management, carbon offset, and biodiversity questions

principal Mark Dangerfield, his associates, and advisors have kept it pragmatic since 2008, helping over 40 public and private sector clients make sound environmental management and policy decisions



markDr J. Mark Dangerfield is principal at alloporus environmental and adjunct Associate Professor at the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Mark is an environmental scientist, ecologist, registered global Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) expert with the Verified Carbon Standard and has over 30 years experience in the measurement and evaluation of ecological processes, carbon dynamics and natural resource management in Europe, Africa and Australasia.

during a 20-year academic career Mark held faculty positions at the University of Botswana, Macquarie University where he received an outstanding teacher award, and was Associate Professor and Director, Centre Expertise for Environment, University of Technology Sydney. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed research papers, over 80 technical reports and several books 

in 2001 he co-founded Biotrack Australia Pty Ltd to commercialise his research on the use of biodiversity as a measure of the health and performance of the environment and for four years was the company CEO

Mark was a founding member of the NSW Natural Resources Advisory Council (2004-2011) and as science representative chaired the council standing committee on Coastal, Planning and Environmental Monitoring, the Forging Partnerships Grants Committee, and the Monitoring and Evaluation project sub-committee, Private Native Forestry Act Review. In 2010 he was appointed to the Australian governments Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee that oversees accreditation of carbon accounting methodologies for the Carbon Farming Initiative. He is also the author of two carbon accounting methodologies and has evaluated and complete due diligence reports for over 20 major carbon offset projects in Australia and overseas.


Senior Associates

alloporus has a team of senior associates who are variously team members, subcontractors, collaborators, advisors and reviewers that includes:

 Col Freeman | sustainable production | Dirty Green

Dr David James | socio-economics | independent

Alex Nimz | market analysis, carbon project assessment | independent

Dr Jem Perkins | rangeland ecology, international development | Biotrack Botswana

Chris Scott | natural resources management, Landcare | snrg

Ross Sharman | energy markets, energy efficiency, emission reduction | Knowledge Global

Dr Jim Shields | forestry, wildlife ecology | Local Environmental Solutions

 Charlie Wilson | environmental modelling, carbon methodology development | afterbefore systems

Tony Wright | waste and water resources | Wright Corporate Strategy



Scientific and technical network

members of this network are not usually hired by alloporus but provide specific expertise or advice at short notice [alphabetically]:

Shona Bates | social policy, qualitative data analysis | Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

Emeritus Professor Andy Beattie | biodiversity | Macquarie University, Sydney

Gilbert De Chalain | planning | independent

Jim Booth | natural resource management, government | independent

Neil Byron | natural resource management | Earthwatch Institute, Melbourne

Dr Woody Cotterill | biodiversity and systematics | University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Frank Eckardt | remote sensing and GIS | University of Cape Town, South Africa

Paul Howlett | waste recycling and resource recovery | Wright Corporate Strategy

Dr John Ingram | international development, food security | NERC Food security leader, Oxford University, UK

Lachlan James | business development, finance | independent, Qld

Dr Tim Pearson | carbon accounting, carbon methodology development | Winrock International, Washington DC

Noel Peters | environmental audit | Asia Development Bank

Prof Pete Smith | soil science | University of Aberdeen, UK

Prof Brian Springett | ecology, wildlife management | independent

Dr Charlotte Streck | carbon markets, UNFCCC, CDM | Climate Focus, Washington DC

Naomi Swickard | voluntary carbon markets | Verified Carbon Standard, Washington DC

Prof Bruce Thom | coastal natural resource management | Wentworth Group, NSW

Dr Duncan Tyler | tourism, international development | London South Bank University, UK

Prof Diana Wall | soil biology, ecology | Colorado State University, US

Dr John Williams | natural resource management, soils, government | independent, NSW

Dr George Wilson | wildlife surveys | Australian Wildlife Services, Canberra

Elisa de Wit | carbon law | Norton Rose Fulbright, Melbourne