alloporus provides carbon offset solutions for the Agriculture, Forestry and Other and Use (AFOLU) sector

we  build carbon accounting methodologies, undertake project feasibility and due diligence assessments, support project establishment, and provide data reporting and validation services


Carbon project feasibility

carbon projects require that project activity is well matched to expectations

many projects fail because expectation cannot be met under the constraints of formal carbon accounting or the proposed activity will not deliver sufficient greenhouse gas abatement through emission reduction and/or sequestration

alloporus appraises carbon offset opportunities in the land sector by testing the opportunity, capability, and capacity to implement project activity alongside the technical requirements of formal carbon accounting

2-3 days
maximum turnaround time of 4 weeks
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Carbon project implementation

project owners who have settled on carbon project activity must now implement that activity before they can secure any carbon credits

alloporus supports project owners and proponents with

  • project documentation | PDDs, operations plans, monitoring plans
  • staff training and support
  • design and implementation of field surveys
  • design and implementation of ongoing monitoring of carbon data

5-10 days or ongoing support
maximum turnaround time of 4 weeks
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Data handling and reporting

alloporus specialises in the integration of complex environmental data challenges

we combine our technical skills in environmental monitoring, data analysis, education and communication with extensive on-ground experience in Asia, Africa, and Australia to provide the technical support needed to record and report carbon abatement

specific services include

  • data survey design
  • data management and analysis
  • training for data capture and recording

we have worked on the data requirements of land sector offset projects and programs with project developers, NGOs, governments across several jurisdictions and in and with local communities

time and resource requirements for these services vary with projects, please contact us for a quote



Carbon Offset Methodology builds

Alloporus environmental offers a suite of carbon offset methodology services to assist in achieving activities that will generate carbon credits under domestic and internal carbon offset schemes.

Methodology build

alloporus can design, build and test AFOLU offset methodologies for any of the carbon standards or offset schemes that includes:

  • gap analysis to ensure a new methodology is required
  • concept and accounting approach
  • applicability conditions for activities and methodology boundaries
  • equation build
  • assessment for logic and completeness
  • testing
  • liaison through validation

time and resource requirements for methodology development varies greatly, several weeks of work spread over 12 to 18 months is typical

Methodology Review

where a methodology has been prepared and a full technical review and suggestions for improvement is required alloporus environmental would undertake

  • comparative analysis with the given standard and existing methodologies under the chosen and related standards
  • assessment for logic and completeness
  • logic test for applicability and eligibility
  • assessment of internal consistency and equation logic
  • identification of flags and/or areas of improvement
  • report on findings

1-3 days
maximum turnaround time of 4 weeks
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