Know what is known

an alloporus evidence review is a quick but thorough evaluation of available scientific knowledge on an environmental question — they are an easy way for decision makers and advocates to access, collate and evaluate research knowledge that may otherwise be hard to find and interpret.


Calm the environmental debate

evidence reviews help decision makers with easy to follow interpretations of the available evidence and answers to environmental questions — the idea is that research knowledge is summarised to support real world decision-making


Independent pragmatic advice

alloporus combines research and data analysis experience with elements of systematic reviews, evidence hierarchies, and policy evaluation tools to compile evidence reviews — the report style output highlights important facts, locate knowledge gaps and provides clear interpretations

as independent advice, evidence reviews are not constrained by the conventional wisdom or current opinion — they are designed to be objective and pragmatic


Examples of recent reviews

  • Will natural sequence farming rehabilitate farms?
  • What new directions will enable sustainable use of NSW soils?
  • What is the evidence for ecological benefits of clearing of invasive native shrubs?
  • What are the design issues for small-scale aquaponics systems?
  • Does community support reduce farmer suicide rates in Australia?
  • What is best practice analysis of groundwater hydrographs?
  • What are the assumptions in a risk based economic response to natural disasters?


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