Farm profitability

Lists are good click bait because we quite like them. Somehow seeing the 10 most this or the 5 best that is an affirmation as well as prompting a few activities we might even contemplate doing.

That said I doubt that the average farmer has much time for them. There is way too much to do. Given the sheer volume of tasks and daily decisions, any real list would be so long that it would take farmers so long to read them there would be no time to take action.

So I’m not sure who would read or use this list from Agrihome on profitable farming but it does make a lot of sense.

  1. Have a long term vision
  2. Set goals for your farms
  3. Track money coming in and going out
  4. Learn from your data
  5. Cost your own labour time and where to use it
  6. Make use of available resources
  7. Develop successful habits

In short, pay numerical attention to your vision and be proactive.

This advice is elegant and actually quite profound when you consider the reality of modern farm management that must deal with rising costs and uncertain commodity prices.

Few landholders have time to look ahead through analysis of their resources, costs and returns. Most keep working as a given and not for a salary. Their bad habits often include overwork. They worry about servicing debt and if it will rain. Decisions are immediate to resolve today’s challenge with no time for tomorrow.

This is management through stress that makes vision, goal setting, tracking, and learning seem unrealistic at best.  

But there is an opportunity here for even the busiest of landholders.

Alloporus has been promoting analyses to both set and test visions using counterfactuals and ecological process modeling with the support of our sister company Afterbefore systems.

Please contact us for more details.

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